Sacraments for Children & Teens


  • Parents must take the Baptism Class offered at St. Louis in the Rectory Office the 3rd Monday of every month. (Call the office to find out when is the next scheduled class) If the parents have taken the class in the past 2 years, they do not need to re-take it. If the child is 7 years old or over, he must attend Religious Education to be baptized. If your child is over 7 and needs to be baptized call the office to find out how to enroll him/her in a Religious Education program.
  • Fill out a baptism registration form. (The form is available here in the downloads section, will be provided at the baptism class, or at the rectory office).
  • The child will need two sponsors (God-parents). Please see the guidelines provided in the downloads.
  • Call or stop by the rectory office to schedule the baptism.

  • Los padres deben asistir a la clase de bautismo impartida por el Señor Moisés Cruz los primeros martes de cada mes. Llamar a Moisés Cruz al 571- 435-7518 para registrarse. Si el niño tiene 7 años o más, entonces tiene que asistir a la catequesis para poder bautizarlo. Si su hijo o hija ya cumplió los siete años y no se ha bautizado llame a la oficina 703-765-4421 para registrarlos en la catequesis de bautismo.
  • Llenar la forma de registro que le será dada el día de la clase.
  • Conseguir 2 padrinos una hembra y un varón. Puede ser uno solo pero si son dos no pueden ser las dos hembras o los dos varones.
  • Los padrinos tienen que ser católicos que viven los sacramentos y asisten a misa regularmente. Deben ser bautizados, confirmados, y si son casados deben ser casados por la iglesia, no solo por la ley, y no acompañados.
  • Los padrinos deben presentar una carta de la iglesia donde están registrados que diga que ellos califican para ser padrinos de bautismo.
  • Llamar o pasar por la oficina para separar la fecha del bautizo.

First Sacraments

First Sacraments - Students in their 2nd Grade year receive their First Penance and their First Holy Communion.

Classes are held Wednesday Nights from 6:45-8:00pm and Sunday Mornings from 10-11:15am. Classes are also provided to St Louis School students through their school classroom curriculum.

Learn more about registering for religious education classes here.

"RCIC" or Rite of Christian Initiation for Children

Sacramental preparation classes are also offered for children who have not received their sacraments during the typical years.

For more information, contact Stephanie Dannemiller at (703) 765-4421, ext.18 or by email.

Learn more about registering for religious education classes here.