Learning to sing, in choral singing, is not only an exercise of physical hearing and of the voice; it is also an education in inner hearing, the hearing of the heart, an exercise and an education in living and in peace… Singing in a choir is an education in life, an education in peace, it is “walking together”… Pope Benedict XVI

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir sings hymns, anthems, and motets in 4-part harmony. The Choir rehearses each week on Thursdays in the church from 7:30-9:00 pm and sings at the 10:30 am Mass every Sunday, as well as on the great Holy Days of the Church.

The Choir welcomes new adult members who can sing pleasantly and in tune, from the novice to the expert. It is not necessary to have experience singing in a choir or to read music; however, some musical background is often very helpful. Choir members who demonstrate excellent musicianship and commitment may be asked to audition as volunteer cantors for our music program.

El Coro

El Coro canta todos los domingos a las cinco de la tarde a la Misa en Español. Cantantes y guitarristas son invitados a unir esta grupo. Ensayamos cada martes, 7:30-9 pm, y cada domingo, 4-5 pm, en la iglesia.

The Coro plays and sings at the 5:00 pm Spanish-language Mass every Sunday evening. The Ensemble is a guitar-based group composed of children and adults. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday from 7:30-9:00 pm in the church.

 Cantors and Instrumentalists

Auditions may be scheduled on request for excellent singers who would like to serve our parish as volunteer cantors. Instrumentalists of all skill levels are also invited to step forward and will normally be asked to play on special occasions at the 10:30 Mass, and/or weekly with the Contemporary Choir or Spanish Ensemble.