Lent: Adjust your clingy-ness!

“Because he clings to me I will deliver him…”
Psalm 91:14

Clingy… not the adjective that makes you want to say, “Yeah, I want to be CLINGY when I grow up!” Boyfriends/girlfriends can be clingy, friends can be clingy. Kids can be clingy to parents, usually when they’re really little. Parents can be clingy to children, usually when they atart to get a little older and more independent. But the reality is, we are all clingy. We all cling tightly to something. We all have things we can’t let go of… RESIST THE URGE TO START SINGING THAT SONG FROM FROZEN!!!

This beautiful verse above from Psalm 91 is one of my favorite verses in all of scripture. We spend a lot of time talking about issues, politics, news, history; all kinds of things that impact our lives as Christians in a world that no longer values the Gospel of Christ. And that’s important. But sometimes we forget that the Gospel is not simply something to argue about, it is supposed to reach deep into our heart and our spirit. This verse helps me with that; a lot.

On Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, we begin lent.  This year at Mass everyday, we are hearing readins from Cycle “b”, and these are some of my favorite Lenten readings. You’ll hear, if you go to daily Masses especially, this constant theme of God saying, “Hey, turn back to me, cling to me, and I will deliver you and save you.”

It is such and amazing reminder that Lent isn’t simply about  inflicting pain on yourself, or avoiding things you like. It is about taking a reality check about how “turned” is my soul towards God… How much do I cling to Him? Do I hold on to Him, His Word, His Ways, or when things get tough is He the first thing I forget about.

God never abandons anyone who clings tightly to Him. So maybe this Lent I can practice not clingl so tightly to my phone, to pizza, to my favorite TV shows, to my favorite video games, to less-than-holy habits, to ways I habitually treat people that are less than loving…

Maybe I can practice clinging to things like the Eucharist, both receiving Him and adoring him in the adoration chapel, to confession/reconciliation, to reading the Bible or other Holy writings, to going out of my way to break habits (except prayer or good habits, those can stay), cling to treating everyone, even the people who annoy me most, with only the GREATEST care… maybe I can cling tightly to these things.

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