Finance Council

• review annual parish budgets and provide the Pastor with comments and advice • periodically assess the internal control system employed by the parish to determine it it complies with diocesan policies and guidelines and to suggest changes to control the system when appropriate • review parish financial statements with the Pastor on a regular basis • review the Annual Parish Report submitted to the Diocese • review the annual financial statement prior to dissemination to the parish community to ensure that it is complete and accurate. A complete report would included income and expenses for the past year as well as parish cash assets. • review the parish’s plan to pay any parish debt and provide any comments on the plan to the Pastor • review the parish’s multiple years (three to five years) of capital expansion or improvement plan and advise the Pastor on how to finance the improvements • support all Stewardship Committee fundraising programs and coordinate with other parish financial plans and messages. The Pastor has assigned primary fundraising responsibility to the Stewardship Committee. • review with the Pastor the results of diocesan internal audits and any external audits and help ensure that recommendations are implemented. • assist the Parish Administrator or bookkeeper when requested by the Pastor • advise the Pastor on how to implement Diocesan policies on financial matters

Assists the pastor in the fiscal management of the parish and school; prepares an annual parish budget and an annual report of the financial status of the parish; oversees all committee budgets.