Patron – St. Louis IX, King of France

Louis IX was born on April 25, 1219. At the young age of twelve, he was crowned King of France. Trained and guided by his devout mother, Blanche, he governed by holiness and justice.

Amid the splendor of his office, his humility was profound, and his charity for God and neighbor was deep. He founded hospitals, visited the sick, and built libraries, orphanages, cathedrals, and churches, many of which are still standing. He would invite as many as nine poor people into the palace for the evening meal each day.

Inspired to retake the Holy Land from hands and spread the true Faith, Louis undertook the Crusades. His first expedition ended in defeat and capture. Released, he tried again but died of fever in Africa. Louis IX, King and Crusader, was canonized by Pope Boniface VIII on August 11, 1297. His feast day is August 25. The statue of our patron saint was carved in Italy. It is a gift from the women of St. Louis Church.