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  • Saturday 5:30PM Vigil | Church
  • 7:00AM at the Poor Clare Monastery
  • 7:30AM, 8:45AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 6:30PM | Church
  • 5:00PM Spanish | Church


  • 6:30AM | Church
  • 7:00AM at the Poor Clare Monastery
  • 8:45AM - | Church

  • Mon-Fri: 9:15AM
  • Wednesdays: 6:30PM
  • Saturdays: 4:30PM
  • Sundays: 10:00AM


  • Confesiones en Español:
    Domingo 4:15pm
  • Misa en Español:
    Domingo 5:00pm en la Iglesia

Parish news and announcements for the week of: January 14, 2018

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  • 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's Apparitions:  


  • Review of Holy Week Celebrations: Stations of the Cross on Good Friday:


Bishop Michael Burbidge

Voices solidarity with refugees

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"Zeal for Your House consumes me!" Psalm 69:9
Having completed the renovation of the new lights, the new pews, we are now nearly complete on the new Sanctuary! Learn about the new items and their meanings here.